About us

Family Cattery of British Shorthair cats (solid, bicolor and tricolor in lilac, blue and cream).

Welcome to our little farm on the Internet!

Lilac Dreams is a small family cattery where all our kittens live with us at home like another member of the family. We breed British Shorthair of excellent quality, as we have chosen from the best lines in Europe, and we find charming families in Spain and all over Europe for our adorable and affectionate kittens. Our philosophy is to have a small number of litters a year and to keep a small number of adults, in order for our cats to receive all the love and attention they need.

At home our kittens are, above all, they are our pets and a member of the family. This way, the little ones born in Lilac Dreams grow happy, peaceful, healthy and confident, surrounded by people (and followed by our kids!!!!) and other cats. At home our kittens develop freely, receive the veterinary care they need, and they learn to give and receive love. So, when those little ones we have loved and pampered so much reach their new home, we ask their new owners to treat them with respect and sensibility, assuming the responsibility to love them and care for them.

We select those breeding cats that we like best, both when buying new males and females and when deciding to keep home kittens born at Lilac Dreams, and we have thus created a British Shorthair line that is very round, very "teddy bear"-like, with a super crispy coat (inherited from our fantastic Eros!), with very good bone structure and, above all, with a fantastic character. I love it when the owners of our kittens call us or write to us and they say that they would have never imagined that a cat could be so affectionate! The coats we like are bicolor, tricolor and tortoishell (in blue, lilac and cream), but mostly we like the surprise of kittens with patterns and colours as varied as possible.

My fondness for the British began when, being a little girl, I convinced my parents to buy me a kitten. After much reading I chose the British Shorthair breed and Pussy finally arrived home, a lovely blue British Shorthair who lived with us 16 years. When I went to see Pussy for the first time, surrounded by all his brothers and sisters (there were nine kittens!) , I knew that I was going to breed British Shorthair cats when I was older !!!

We hope you enjoy visiting our website and the pictures of our dear feline friends.

Until yournext visit!

Laura :-)

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